Rollable Red Carpet for Events and Special Occassions

Red Carpet Runners Enhance Event Spaces and Celebrations

Looking to add a special touch to an occasion? Rollable red carpet can instantly enhance the atmosphere at any event. Whether it’s used for lining a VIP club entrance or rolled out for someone’s wedding day, there’s a multitude of uses for these elegant rugs. Rollable red carpet is either made from a polyester fabric or a nylon material. The polyester constructed option has a flexible PVC backing which is durable enough to withstand the wear-and-tear of foot traffic and the ones with nylon material have a more upscale feel for special events. Runners are a great solution to enhancing the space at restaurants, valet stands, churches, ceremonies, and more. You don’t have to be a celebrity to walk a red carpet.

What are the rug sizes available to me?
  • Rollable red carpet with polyester fabric and a PVC backing comes as a 5’ x 10’ or a 4’ x 20’ rug. The rubber backing has an added durability factor to hold up to constant use and foot traffic of passersby. Because of the material, this is also an economical option for users.
  • 10’ x 10’ kits are available as a set of (2) 5’ x 10’ nylon runners. The beauty of this is you can use each rug separately or combine the two to create a long entryway or line an aisle. Nylon has an elegant appearance making it a perfect choice for upscale events.
  • 20’ x 10’ kits come as a set of (4) 5’ x 10’ nylon runners. Similar to the 10’ x 10’ bundle, users can roll out each rug separately or use them together. The upscale look of the nylon makes this carpet a great choice for corporate events, large fundraisers, or ceremonies.

What are some benefits to these runners? Each piece is lightweight and portable. Users won’t have to worry about it being difficult to lug around. The fact that the rugs roll into a compact shape and can be easily transported makes them ideal for events of all kinds — big or small. If you’re someone using these statement rugs with your crowd control systems, we have retractable and rope stanchions in many styles. Looking to add something extra to a party? Step-and-repeat backdrops are a great counterpart to elegant runners. Shop online at to enhance your next event!

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