Spinner Racks for Rotating Card and Chip Clip Merchandising Displays

Revolving Impulse Racks Entice Purchases at Checkout with Spinning Action

Are you looking for a better way to sell last-minute items to customers waiting in line? Prompt impulse purchases with countertop spinner racks by positioning bags of food, key chains, gift cards, and small accessories at checkout. Take advantage of clever product placement to entice customers to grab an extra item or two, whether that be a snack for the ride home or an inexpensive convenience item. Utilize metal floor standing or countertop impulse spinner racks to organize prepackaged food options, key chains, lighters, candy and more. These durable steel wire options are able to withstand daily use in your most heavily trafficked areas while maintaining a professional appearance. Many of the spinner racks included in this collection feature top-mounted sign holders ideal for displaying pricing or promotional messaging for additional value. Maximize the chance of return or word-of-mouth business by placing gift card dispensers at checkout.

What are some of the different options available for rotating impulse merchandising fixtures?

  • Our spinner racks have three main product presentation options. Chip clips are great for prepackaged food options such as candy, pretzel bags, and other snacks to grab on-the-go. Models with peg hooks are ideal for holding products enclosed in cardboard boxes or blister packs. Of course, rotating racks with card holders are perfect for reminding customers of special holidays with greeting or gift cards.
  • Revolving merchandising displays with signage are high-value fixtures that advertise directly above the products and demand customer attention. Present pricing, sale information, and brand messages clearly to drive more sales.
  • Floor standing rotating racks can be placed anywhere in your store, but most commonly we see them placed at line's starts or out on the showroom floor. Merchandisers use these fixtures in a similar way they would a common dump bin yet for hanging items. Countertop models can be placed directly on the side of cash registers, on checkout counters, or tabletops spread out throughout the store. Position these racks beside your cashier to prompt more upsell opportunities of inexpensive inventory.

Revolving impulse merchandising racks are a staple in convenience stores, supermarkets, retail locations, and even jewelry boutiques. Hanging products with these displays saves space and maximizes the value of your floor and counter space by increasing the number of sales that happen at checkout. Place home essentials, sugary cravings, or gimmicky "as seen on TV"-like items. Check out our merchandising and store fixtures to outfit your retail location or corner store to not only have a streamlined shopping experience, but also make the most active sales as possible.

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