Stem Lights for Trade Show Displays

Illuminate Your Display with Stem Lighting Solutions

Cast light upon your booth or display using stem lights to make your exhibit more noticeable or call attention to particular subsections or details in your kiosk. Supplementary lighting is commonly used to either flood the tradeshow booth with light that attracts clients, or to provide customers with a sharper view of signage or concept product. Exhibit lights generally contain clamps that allow the stem fixture to be attached to banner stands, booths or display cases, along with an adjustable stem that can be angled in the required direction, and modified on the fly. These lights include lengthy electrical cords for hard-to-reach outlets at convention centers. Choose between the bright, natural glow of halogen bulbs and the long lasting, energy-saving radiance of LED technology, both options have their nuances and advantages. The long stem and rotating hoods of many of these lights facilitate precision and pinpoint accuracy, which is critical to the artistic and functional design of your exhibit. Aside from trade shows, these stem lights can be used in museums, retail stores, fashion runways, the list is endless! You'll find the versatile design of these clamp-on lamps adapt to many situations across many industries!

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