White Retail Display Cases Provide Modular Shopfitting Solutions

White Cash-Wraps and Counters Display Merchandise Safely and Professionally

These lavish white retail display cases add an elegant feel to any sales floor. Take advantage of modular designs to mix, match, and move pieces of these fixtures to meet the needs of any display challenge. Cash wraps are also sold in pre-configured layouts that are simple to set up, making your retail store presentable as soon as possible. Remove sections of these modular set-ups to build a custom design for any floor plan. Showcasing jewelry, accessories, fragile or high-value items in an appealing exhibit with white retail display cases adds an upscale feel to any storefront. Presentable merchandising fixtures compliment the products placed on their shelves and improve customer's shopping experience.

By utilizing point of sale fixtures such as white retail display cases, cash wraps, and check-out counters, retailers provide more opportunities to interact with their customers. Use these displays to prompt questions, stimulate conversation, and highlight key product features. Retail display cases increase conversion rates by drawing attention and increasing the perceived value to the merchandise presented, which gives employees a golden sales opportunity to step in and interact with any customer. By building rapport with patrons, any retail store gains trust and authority that is vital to success. If someone is shopping around for a particular item that your retail store has in stock, that person will remember the conversation your clerk had with them more so than at a location where they saw the item at a glance.

Which retail display cases are best for your store?

Well, any of them would be great, but exactly what works best is up to you. Here are a couple options!

  • White modular cash wraps are are the quickest and most alluring option for shopfitting the sales floors in any industry. The pre-constructed retail display cases consist of multiple sections which are easily detached and moved to fit any environment. Use cash wraps together to create cohesive merchandise presentations that are easily managed with limited staff. These display cases have tempered glass countertops and front-facing panels, and feature a sliding rear doors so any employee can access and show a product.
  • Use a check out counter with a pull out drawer to give customers a centralized place to buy goods. These fixtures feature shelves and a drawer to store cash boxes, point of sales materials, and supplies. A cash counter can be used as a stand alone piece or can be connected to a modular display. We suggest presenting this fixture somewhere easily visible, and using the check-out process as an opportunity to present impulse items to land last-minute sales.

Display cases are designed to be compatible and interchangeable. Great merchandisers use the versatility of these fixtures to create upscale custom layouts for their retail stores that protect high-ticket items while displaying them clearly and professionally. These cases are built with medium-density fiberboard (MDF), which is a high-grade composite more stable than traditional solid wood options, and are designed to endure any high-traffic retail environment. Each case is topped with a white micro-layer melamine finish. Counters and front-end displays are made from tempered glass, which is durable and fracture resistant. If an accident were to happen, the glass is designed to break into small, rounded, pieces as a safety measure. Use these cases as a pre-configured option, or mix-and-match, to create professional merchandise displays from Displays2Go!

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