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Wire Rotating Stands Hold Lots of Merchandise in a Small Footprint

Entice Shoppers with Spinning Merchandise Racks!

Seen in just about every souvenir shop and drugstore, wire rotating stands are the most affordable display fixtures. With most models priced well below $100, they pay for themselves almost immediately. Our wire rotating stands are fabricated from steel in either black or white finishes. Their rugged construction provides years of service even in the most heavily-trafficked areas. The racks accommodate greeting cards, blister packs, and bulk items for convenient perusal by customers. Their small footprint makes them ideal for space-conscious store layouts. But don't let that sway you. These wire rotating stands also hold LOTS of merchandise — something all store owners can appreciate.

What kinds of spinning merchandising racks are available for purchase?

  • We sell rotating stands in both countertop and floor-standing models. Most feature wire-frame construction built around tubular support poles. The spinning action not only invites shoppers to browse, but also provides better odds for customer impulse buys. Located at the top of each stand is a sign clip or frame. Display promotional calls-to-action, seasonal sales, and/or pricing details.
  • In addition to the wire frame styles, we sell other racks with different construction methods. The gridwall system features lots of display flexibility. Hooks attach anywhere onto the four-sided grid surface. This added capability accommodates different-sized merchandise at any given time. Gridwall displays should be considered if you plan on selling a wide variety of items.
  • The wire pockets are fixed and non-adjustable. These are designed to display greeting cards, CDs & DVDs, books, and other literature. The number of available pockets ranges from 12 to 72. Hooks have the ability to attach to gridwall or other spinners while supporting blister packs, bracelets, keychains, and many more items including souvenirs. Open-style bins provide easy access to bulk merchandise. Load them up with candy, small stuffed animals, or other loose items intended for the "quick" sale.

These effective merchandising fixtures (with their rotating action) are real crowd-pleasers. People on vacation love to browse for postcards and souvenirs. Other cards, including graduation, birthday, and get well sentiments, offer lucrative sales for the store owner year-round. It's equally important to think about placement when using one of our wire racks. Countertop styles placed near checkout offer customers those "last minute" purchases. Floor stands can be placed almost anywhere, either centrally or at the ends of aisles. No matter what your business sells, these affordable wire store fixtures provide the tools for getting your merchandise out in front of potential customers!

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