How to Set Your Tablet's Auto-Lock Setting to Never

how to set your tablet's auto lock setting to never

Posted on 24, July, 2023

Last Modified on 25, August, 2023

Auto-lock is a setting that's meant to help save battery life for your phone or tablet. Why have the screen on and draining your battery when you're not using it? But when your device is locked into a stand, wall mount, or enclosure, you may want the screen to always be on for visitors and customers to access it.

When placing your device in an enclosure, it's important to make sure that the Auto-lock setting is set to "never." Read on to learn how to do this in a few simple steps!

iPads and iPhones:

  1. Launch the Settings App
  2. Find and select Display & Brightness
  3. Find and select Auto-Lock
  4. Set to Never

Android Devices:

Because the Android ecosystem is a little more open, individual manufacturers may have different methods for accessing your specific device's settings and making changes to the auto-lock function.

We've found that most often, the "Auto screen off" setting can't be fully disabled, but can be set to a maximum of 30 minutes. However, your device may have an option that allows the screen to be on indefinitely. Here's what that journey might look like:

  1. Open up your device Settings
  2. Find and select Display Options (note: this may be labeled differently, for instance, Display and Brightness)
  3. Find and select the Auto screen off setting (again, this may have a slightly different label)
  4. Choose either Never or the highest amount of time available

Of course, because Android devices tend to be more open to third-party apps, you can most likely find an app that will override this setting and keep your device screen on indefinitely, but you'll have to do a little searching in the app marketplace of your choice.

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