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Whether it's an individual dormitory room, a common room, or a shared hallway, university residence halls need a wide range of dorm room furniture. After all, how would the students study without desks, chairs, and tables? Dorm room chairs and seating must be durable, utilitarian, and inexpensive. Our padded chairs are ideal for common rooms and are available in many colors and styles to match most décor, like school mascot colors for example. Check out our matching coffee tables and side tables to fully stock the lounge area. Students can use this furniture for socializing, group study sessions, or escaping from their annoying roommate! In shared areas such as this, it can also be a great opportunity for the college to distribute important public service announcements. Brochure holders are perfect for the holding course selection information that everyone will need at the end of the semester, and paper sorter boxes are great for holding the forms they'll need to fill out and can even serve as student mailboxes. In case a study session runs late, public charging stations are awesome for keeping cell phones powered up. No one will have to run back to their room for their charger with these awesome fixtures!

As students leave the common room and head up the hallway to their rooms, they'll likely pass by a selection of college bulletin boards, dorm whiteboards, sign frames, and poster holders on the hall walls. Residence assistants, or RA's, are often responsible for keeping dormitory hallways stocked with the appropriate signage - whether it be for informational or decorative purposes. Enclosed and locking dorm bulletin boards are great for posting flyers so that they can't be tampered with. Open faced cork boards, though, are the perfect choice for a community board where students post their own messages and notes for each other. Dorm whiteboards make for great calendars, full of upcoming school events and activities. Simply use dry erase markers and a ruler to outline the days of the week or write silly message! Dorm room signs and frames are also often used for holding reminders and notices for the student population.

Next, the place students actually sleep and spend most of their time needs to be supplied with the appropriate furnishings. We offer many dorm room supplies, from TV stands and mounts to picture and poster frames. Dorm room lockers and dry erase boards are also popular items for college living quarters. Dormitory rooms should be stocked with all the fixtures students need to live, study, and succeed. Desk chairs and other furniture for studying are just some of these necessities. Choose a dorm desk that saves space, and is conducive to a productive environment. An adjustable standing dorm desk allows the student to sit or stand depending on their preference, perfect for an active college student!

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