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Healthcare offices run like well-oiled machines. However, many patients hardly notice that behind the scenes these establishments employ a wide variety of medical office supplies just to keep that machine running! From TV medical displays, to healthcare signage, to waiting room amenities, Displays2go offers a wide range of health-related supplies.

As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly modernized, the need for monitor and TV medical displays is growing. These high-tech medical office supplies are available in industrial-grade steel and feature workstations for doctors to place laptops or notebook. These displays can be used for diagnostic, exam, lab, and surgical reasons. Flexible monitor arms are ideal solutions for desktop medical displays-many models are even designed to hold two screens at once. Out of the lab, these medical office supplies are great for holding TV’s in waiting rooms. Digital signage systems can be really helpful for the healthcare industry because administrators can schedule programming remotely. Use this kind of medical signage not only to entertain waiting patients, but also to make important announcements and direct visitors around the facility.

Healthcare signage is an essential of any well-functioning medical office. From wall hanging signs to standing poster frames, these fixtures allow doctors to disseminate information easily. These medical signs can identify hospital wings, exam room numbers, lab areas, surgical rooms, and more! We also offer a series of hand sanitizer dispensers that come equipped with top sign holders, great for catching the attention of passersby. This kind of Purell dispensers are incredibly important in a healthcare environment where bacteria can spread like wildfire. Try a snap frame poster holder to display similar public safety announcements regarding health. Enclosed bulletin boards are another medical office supply great for holding community announcements.

An important category of clinical office supplies consists of file folders, literature racks, and paper organizing displays, especially those with HIPAA-compliant designs. Though recent trends in the healthcare industry have sparked the move towards paperless filing, there is still an enormous need for file organizers within medical offices. Find many wall hanging file holders available here, ranging in an assortment of sizes, capacities, colors, and constructions. These wall mount file pockets are ideal for hanging outside of exam rooms to hold patient documentation. Countertop brochure holders are also essential for holding health leaflets in accessible areas like reception desks. Try out a wire magazine rack to hold reading materials in waiting rooms to help keep patients occupied. To spruce up a clinical exam area, hang one of our office art prints!

No matter the style of the display, these fixtures have the ability to make any doctor's office or clinic run smoothly!

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