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First things first, what is a consignment shop? Traditionally, consigning means giving someone materials/goods and retaining legal ownership of those goods until they are sold. Many thrift and consignment shops operate under this principle, where the person consigning the goods receives a percentage of their resale price, but many also run off of donated goods, like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Savers to name a few. Some shoppers simply prefer second hand items for their appearance, or because they know they are in a sense recycling these products. But don't let idea of old or second hand goods confuse you! Many thrift stores operate extremely profitable businesses, especially because there is such a fine line between a vintage store and a second hand store. However, a successful business cannot run solely off the products it sells. These establishments will need a wide array of consignment shop supplies and display fixtures to keep them running smoothly. This selection of thrift store display ideas is here to help you outfit your storefront and sales areas. Signs, frames, racks, and display cases are just some of the consignment store displays available!

Moving from the outside in - we offer a wide range of thrift store signs to help store owners advertise their businesses. From custom banners and feather flags, to sidewalk signs and chalkboards, these customizable consignment store signs are just what you need to promote your business! Use a write-on board to advertise newly added merchandise on the street level, or order a custom feature flag announcing that you are "Accepting Consignments!" to passing cars. Either way, you'll want to ensure that passersby know all about the day's specials and upcoming rummage sales. You can even use a weather-proof poster frame right on the side of the second hand storefront. There are so many options when it comes to customizing your thrift store signage. Your gently used merchandise is unique, so why not also use these unique signs to sell it?

Once you have your thrift store signs squared away, step into the inside of the second hand shop. What do you see? Sometimes consignment shops can be like the "Room of Requirement" at Hogwarts. You go in, think of what you need, and "POOF!", there it is! One of the most sought-after items in many of these establishments is a thrift store photo frame. Shoppers love their unique styles and great prices, but it's important to note that not all the frames you see in a second hand store are used. Many times, consignment and thrift shops supplement their product lines with low-cost, wholesale purchases. At Displays2go, you can pick up thrift store frames in bulk! So if your selection of consigned or donated picture frames is feeling a little sparse, you can use us as your wholesale provider for frames your customers will love!

We also carry a wide array of larger poster holders. These innovative frames can be used on interior walls and as window signs in the storefront. These thrift store supplies and displays are great for directing shoppers to the changing rooms, posting return policies, or advertising sales! Clearly post the consignment shop's hours using a clear acrylic sign holder that attaches to glass using suction cups. Even try an LED open sign that illuminates and flashes when on. There are so many thrift store display ideas when it comes to frames and signage that it's impossible to name them all!

Clothing and jewelry are another popular category among thrift shop frequenters. Where else can you get an awesome grandpa sweater and a cocktail dress in the same place? To display these memorable garments you'll need thrift store racks designed for hanging and displaying clothes. We offer a wide range of commercial grade clothing racks and displays sure to look great among any other consignment shop displays. For smaller items like scarves or jewelry, simply display it freely on thrift store table already for sale in the business. These types of consignment shop display ideas help you save valuable floor space. For jewelry on the higher end, use a glass display case with locking rear doors. Jewelry can be displayed on the inside, easily visible through the glass of the case, and if shoppers want to see a particular piece, the clerk only needs to unlock the back and retrieve it for them! These showcases not only look great, but can prevent merchandise from walking off with shoplifters.

Whether you're hunting for a particular piece of antique furniture or just browsing the gently used clothing, these second hand shops are great places for one of a kind finds! With the right selection of displays and shelving, store owners can make the shopping experience more seamless for these browsing customers. Check out this huge selection today and if you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to our team of customer care representatives!

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