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Assembly: HNGBNRROT Spinning Motor for Hanging Banners

Uploaded on 23 June, 2015

Last Modified on 24 July, 2015

Watch how you can use this spinning motor for hanging banners! Hook this lightweight device to your custom signage and watch your graphics spin!


TEXT: "Included with your kit is the motor, an electrical cord, and a remote control. Please note: cables to mount the system to the ceiling are NOT INCLUDED. Cable are included to mount the sign to the motor with the purchase of one of the hanging banners on this site.  Use the end with multiple carabiners to hook onto your hanging banner.  Hook the side with 1 carabiner to the spinning motor.  Plug the electrical cord into the spinning motor when ready for use. Turn the power button ON. When ready, use the remote to control the direction of the rotation. Rotate clockwise... Please note: this motor spins at a rate of 2.5 RPM. Rotate counterclockwise... Please note: this spinning motor has a maximum hanging capacity of 198 lbs. Stop... Power OFF when not in use, or after 8 hours of use. Boost sales with a spinning motor for a hanging banner today!"
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