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Assembly: PWDMGB Trade Show Counter

Uploaded on 11 October, 2016

Last Modified on 11 October, 2016

Setting up your trade show counter shouldn't be a hassle. This quick video guides you through the process of assembling your display and applying graphics. Check out our tips and tricks to get your trade show counter set up in minutes.


TEXT: PWDMGB Trade Show Counter - Assembly Video of Trade Show Counter
At Displays2go we are working hard to continue to improve our instructions for the consumer. The steps shown on your instruction sheet may vary slightly than what is shown in this video. Use this video as a guide to help you with your assembly for the best results.

NARRATOR: “These PWDMGB trade show counters are a perfect solution for your trade show or next business convention.  
Here are the included components to complete your setup.
First, lay the countertop with the shelf down on the floor with the top side down.
Next, grab the two supporting poles and place them over their desired spots with the screw holes lined up accordingly.
Take the allen key and the 6 x 15mm connection screws and twist them in securely on each post.  
Pro tip, instead of adding your banner frame to the pole supports, take the Centro Curved profile bracket and one of the side flat profile brackets and attach them together to form an L shape. 
Then slide in the banner lens from the side and if you have a helper near by have him assist you in holding the banner in place while you add the opposite side profile and top profile and tighten them to secure it together. 
You can then turn the panel with the banner over and place it between the side support poles within the slots and lock them in place at each corner with the allen key provided.
Now grab your bottom desk tray and place it on top of the 2 side supports, lining up the holes for the 6 x 30mm connection screws. 
Just screw them in to so that they are all securely fastened.
It’s now ready to be flipped over and you can then adjust the floating shelf to fit within the grooves on the side support posts.
This will complete your setup of your portable trade show counter.”

TEXT: PWDMGB Trade Show Counter by Displays2go
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