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Feature: Diesel & Lulu's Style

Uploaded on 28 October, 2019

Last Modified on 29 October, 2019

Meet owner of Diesel and Lulu's Style boutique, Peri Olson as she discusses her business and how the name Diesel & Lulu came about. Hear about her sucesses and how she strives to be more helpful by providing an easy, affordable way to live.


Peri Olson:"I've been open at this location for
a year and all together seven years.

Diesel and Lulu are my dogs.

It started as a way for me to sort of offload my own creativity because I worked every day in other people's style.

So diesel and Lulu to me was sort of, you know, having the clothing and the feminine piece of it, but then also having the home decor store. So it spoke to the balance.

It took a while for me to figure out that I couldn't do everything myself.

And I just, I surround myself with good people.

I really cherry pick people who have particularly focused, strong skills and honestly, they hold me up absolutely all day, every day.

I think our proudest times are sort of when people have come in and say it's their happy place.

if I were to represent my brand in three words, I would probably say easy, affordable, style.

It's sort of about an easy, affordable, stylish way to live, not just
clothing, but also in the home decor.

So I always think about where I can go to be more helpful."
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