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Organize Your Office with Updated Furnishings

Modern Furnishings for Office Desks and Conference Rooms

Want to increase efficiency and modernize your workspace? These modern office furnishings are excellent for updating desktops and meeting rooms to meet the needs of contemporary businesses. We offer chairs, footrests, and sit-stand risers to accommodate new workplace and style standards. Our modern office furnishings also include sleek desk privacy screens and monitor risers to update corporate interiors. In addition, our pico projectors with portable, handheld designs are great for making presentations in house or on the road. Shop our modern office furnishings for fast shipping and wholesale pricing on these stylish and effective business tools.

What makes this commercial furniture great for the workplace?
  • Of our modern office furnishings, our sit stand workstations are ideal for encouraging healthy working practices. These desktop accessories are highly adjustable, raising the computer monitors and laptops to standing height. Each fixture has a stepless, gas-assisted design that makes it easy to accommodate a user's preferences.
  • Contemporary desk chairs feature wooden or molded plastic seats that give them a stylish appearance and comfortable design. This Eames-style seating is ideal for conference rooms, cafeterias, and workstations. We offer wheeled chairs, stackable seating, and event furniture with armrests for lounge areas. Browse contemporary designs with both wood and metal legs to match your décor.
  • Monitor risers are miniature desk shelves that hold up laptops and computer screens to eye level. Each sleek desktop stand is made from tempered glass and steel standoffs. Employees using elevated workstations are less likely to experience neck strain. In addition, the monitor risers have an open space for storing a compact keyboard and other electronics.
  • Cube ottomans are handy office furnishings that employees can use for seating or as footrests. This upholstered furniture has a lightweight construction of wood and foam with polyester fabric. Our ottomans are excellent for pulling up to a coworker's desk for collaboration or employees that want to put their feet up. We also offer footrests with full color printed slip covers to feature company logos.
  • Pico projectors make it easy to feature a digital presentation anywhere in workspaces with their handheld size. Each electronic display has an HDMI port for connecting to laptops and disc players. Pico projectors also feature wireless connectivity for use with smartphones and company networks. These fully featured presentation aids also include speakers and video display options to accommodate any conference room.
  • Desktop privacy screens are office furnishings that give employees some space in open concept rooms. Each tempered glass partition panel doubles as a writing surface for dry erase markers. This is an ideal way to give employees some privacy while creating a simple space for notes.

Contemporary business furnishings are great for updating your work environment with great looking displays and improved efficiency. Further elevate your workplace with sleek wall mounted sign kits that feature fashionable finishes and simple design. Whether you're creating a more comfortable workspace or making it easier for employees to collaborate, we have the solution.

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