Data Blocking Cables

How data blocking charging stations protect you from juice jacking and security risks

Posted on 17, May, 2023

Last Modified on 30, August, 2023

Data blocking cables — a hot buzzword nowadays following the rise of public charging stations for mobile devices in busy airports, malls, and other public venues. While courtesy charging areas offer a convenient way to repower devices while on the go, recent events have exposed that there are possible data security risks from bad actors compromising public charging stations. Charge-only cables come in to help eliminate the potential for malicious activity and safeguard your business from being a target of juice-jacking. In this article, we will answer the questions; what are data blocking cables? What are some potential risks associated with using charging stations not equipped with charge-only cables, and what are the benefits of using charging stations that come ready with data blocking cables?

What are Data Blocking Cables?

Data blocking cables, also known as charge-only cables, are USB cables that are designed to prevent the transmission of data from devices. These cables work by physically blocking or removing the data transfer pins within the cable, ensuring that only power is transferred between the charging station and the mobile device, eliminating the possibility of stolen data or information.

When Might You Need Data Blocking Cables?

While public charging stations can pose a potential security risk, it’s important to know when you are at higher risk and when it might not be such an important feature on your charging kiosk. For example, a charging station in a controlled environment like your company office, or a school is likely safer than a busy airport, hotel, or entertainment venue. Placing your charging station in a secure environment will ensure that your customers are only repowering their devices and not transferring unwanted data or personal information. The more public the area, the higher the risk that your charging kiosk is compromised, and the more careful your customers will be about freely powering their devices up.

Charging stations with data blocking charge-only cables offer a convenient and hassle-free way to charge mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and other devices. Users can simply plug their device into the charging station and not worry about the general security risks associated with using other public charging stations.

What are the Risks of Using a Charging Station without Data Blocking Cables?

When a mobile device is plugged in via a standard cable, data can be transferred to and from the device. This means that any personal or sensitive information that is stored on the device can be accessed by whatever it’s plugged into. This is also called “juice jacking.” If a charging station is compromised, it is possible for a hacker to gain access to this information, putting the user's personal and sensitive data at risk.

Hackers can go as far as creating a fake charging station to collect data from unsuspecting users. Not to mention, the same methods for stealing personal information can be used to install malware on a device. This is why it is important to use charging stations that come equipped with data blocking cables.

What are the Benefits of Using Charging Stations with Data Blocking Cables?

Using a charging station with a data blocking cable, like our charging stations with data blocker cables, provides several benefits:

First and foremost, they protect the user's personal and sensitive data from being accessed by a compromised charging station. By blocking data transmission, charge-only cables prevent hackers from gaining access to the user's data, ensuring that their personal and sensitive information remains secure from “juice jacking”.

While the public is becoming more aware of possible data risks and are beginning to carry dongles and attachments that block data transfers, charging stations with data blocking cables equipped help business owners provide value, guard their reputation and limit their liability. By using data blocking cables you can ensure peace of mind for your business while providing customers with a safe and convenient place to recharge and refresh. Establish trust and security whether at your own facility or at a public exhibit with potential customers and build your brand awareness through trust and security.

The Power of Data Blocking Cables

Data blocking cables are a powerful way to ensure the security of personal and sensitive data while your customers charge mobile devices in highly public venues like trade shows, entertainment facilities and, airports.s. By physically blocking data transmission while charging, data blocking cables prevent hackers from accessing user data, providing peace of mind for you as a business owner, and supplying your customers with a convenient way to charge devices while on the go. By removing the possibility of malicious software installs or data theft, you can rest assured that your customers will feel safe and secure when using your data blocking charge-only cables and spend extra time charging up at your business. Public charging stations should be a place to plug-in, recharge, and network, risk and worry-free.

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