How to Hang Art at the Right Height

Posted on 01, October, 2015

Last Modified on 16, December, 2015

Hanging art can be a real challenge. You're never quite sure how high on the wall the frame should go. Does it depend on the height of the wall, or the art, or the person? Or a combination of all 3? At home, I always think I've found the perfect spot for a painting, but when it's up there on the wall it's either too high or too low! So I did a little research and found this tried and true way to determine the perfect height for your hanging your art. Whether you're hanging a personal art collection or office artwork in your reception area, this method is sure to get you great results!

It's called '57" on center'. In short, you'll be taking an average person's eye level height, which is 57", and placing the very center of your painting at this height. To do this, place the top of the frame at 57" + ½ of your paintings height, so the 57" mark is right at the painting's center point.

Depending on the hanging hardware you're using, you'll need to account for the space from the top of the frame to the hardware, like a wire, hook, or nail. For example, if I'm using the hanging wire that's attached to the back of my frame and when pulled tight it stops 2 inches short of the top of the frame, I would to put the nail the wire would hang in the wall at 57" from the floor, plus ½ the height of the painting , MINUS those 2 inches. Say the painting is 20 inches tall: 57" + 10" - 2" = 65". So, you'd position your hardware 65" from the floor!

Consider your audience. You can scale this model for any group of people - whether it's a classroom of kindergarteners or a professional basketball team, just find your average height and you're good to go!

Following? Check out the infographic below for a more visual interpretation.

The Best Height for Hanging Art

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