Top 5 Savvy At-Home Uses for Tablet Ring Lights

Top Five Savvy Uses for At Home Selfie Stations

Posted on 16, October, 2020

Last Modified on 25, August, 2023

The Many Different Uses for Home Tablet Ring Light Stations

Tablet Ring Light Stations

It's no secret that tablet ring light stands have been a focal point of pop-up events, weddings, trade show booths, and other venues where a quick photo-op (but not necessarily a professional photographer) is needed to boost engagement. Countless businesses have incorporated a ring light tripod into their marketing event toolkit, large studios have purchased bulk quantities to rent out as a self-serve photography option, and even retail stores, amusement parks, and family-owned businesses have utilized these devices to boost customer engagement. But what use do tablet ring light stands have outside of their traditional applications at large-scale events?

We've pored over the data to find some quirky, some ingenious, yet all incredibly resourceful ways our customers are taking advantage of this technology. From social media managers to gamers, cosmetology pros, and more — here are our top five uncanny at-home uses for tablet ring light stands!

Musicians and Live Performers Connect with their Audience via Streaming

Many musical artists live-stream performances on social media to engage with fans and reach new audiences they otherwise wouldn’t meet at a small-town venue. Tablet Ring Light Stations for Musicians This transformative period enables those, especially musicians, to deliver their product online. Much more than directing fans to play a particular song or new release on their music streaming app, musicians are using photo booth stations alongside their smartphone or tablet to live-stream new releases, play entire sets, or have a simple Q&A with their audience.

By embracing digital platforms, these bands are able to share the sounds they have been working on with sheer ease and convenience, wherever they are. Great for solo musicians streaming a tiny concert to their friends-list from their bedroom, or a group broadcasting from their band practice space on a live service, the lighting, accessibility, and portability of these ring lit photo booths do wonders to not only illuminate the room but capture the moments that are otherwise being missed in music halls around the nation.

A Designer Look Deserves to be in the Spotlight for Makeup Artists

Cosmetology is a booming industry, with new content creators emerging in record numbers to share their signature look, recommend products, or give tutorials. Tablet Ring Light Stations for Cosmetology Many of these artists will upload their videos online to reach enormous audiences, already utilizing a ring light beside their camera — but why spend money on two separate fixtures when one can do the trick? This is especially true for creators just starting out, as makeup is an enormous expense when experimenting with new styles. This goes beyond simple makeup tutorials as well; there is a huge community of special effects artists, models, and fashion influencers that are taking advantage of their extra time at home, and using these tablet photo booths to not only create new looks but reach a larger audience than ever before.

Even if you are not a content creator looking for internet fame or residual income from posting on social media outlets, a ring light for tripods offers bright illumination that can outright replace a traditional vanity. No space in your bedroom for a secondary vanity desk in addition to your bed and dressers? No problem, our customers are using these illuminated photo booths as a pop-up makeup stand to get the job done in a tight space, and hey, you can even take a new profile picture once you're done!

Get in the Game from Any Device

In the past several years, live video gaming, cooking, or IRL (in real life) streaming has become a serious source of income for many people around the world. Tablet Ring Light Stations for Content Creators In this industry, everything is about content and engagement, so it is no surprise that creators who actively talk to their audience, show their face, and present themselves as more than a pixelated avatar playing a video game do far better monetarily than their less-visible competitors. One of the key indicators of success in this space is the quality of a streamer’s graphics, special effects or overlays, and of course, their camera. By using a ring lit photo booth alongside their existing desktop computer setup, streamers not only provide thousands of viewers with a clear shot of their face in a now well-lit room but also alleviate some of the processing power needed from their PC for running a webcam on top of existing streaming programs and games.

Have a favorite game that you play for hours on end after work? Do you happen to either be top-tier or believe in the quality of your commentary? Live-streaming your gameplay can not only make that time spent more productive monetarily but can supplement your income and help you engage more with your game’s community. Floor standing tablet photo stations are especially useful for video game streamers who are looking to personally connect with their chat and present themselves clearly while doing so.

The Many Faces of the Home Office Revolution

Many employees have shifted to temporarily (or permanently) working from home. With this, many are faced with brand new challenges that they did not have to deal with in the past, be it software issues, outdated hardware, choppy webcams, or work laptops that run slowly. Tablet Ring Light Stations for Home Offices A solution that many of our customers have found is using a tablet photo station to handle their web conferences, meetings, and customer engagements in a professional manner. The ring light surrounding this tablet booth with mirrors illuminates the speaker, placing the entire focal point on them rather than outside distractions. Photo booths are a great tool for web-based interviews, daily check-ins, corporate meetings, or any other manner of video-based conference calls.

Stand out amongst your peers during large company meetings, whether you are the leader of your team looking to present yourself in a professional light, or someone trying to gain the attention of the executives, you can’t go wrong by logging on from a well-lit environment with crisp video. Tablet ring light floor stands are especially useful for recruiters, educators, or interviewees who are likely to spend the majority of their day on-camera speaking with others.

When You Are On the Go, Your Story Follows

Mobile tablet ring light stations have swiftly become a staple for bloggers and vloggers in any industry. As content creators, these individuals thrive on new experiences and need to be ready to share their story at a moment's notice. Tablet Ring Light Stations for Office Staff It's not always easy to find the perfect lighting, in the perfect location, but with a portable photo booth with attached ring light, anywhere can swiftly transform into a functional recording studio to reach your audience with exciting new events within minutes. Bloggers and vloggers post new content weekly, sometimes daily, so it is important to have tools that help streamline the creation process of content, especially given how fickle many viewers can be after clicking on a low-quality video.

Tablet ring light tripods illuminate your face or product to provide high-value video content. This tool is especially useful for affiliate marketers who spend the majority of their time showcasing products or services and referring customers to larger businesses. The incorporated ring lighting will illuminate a product clearly, allowing the marketer to demonstrate its use or talk about how it has affected them or changed their life all whilst remaining in frame and well lit.

Tablet Ring Light Stands Have Found a Home at More Than Large Events

Wall Mounted Tablet Ring Light Stations

Tablet photo booths became wildly popular at events such as weddings, trade shows, promotional campaigns, and more. As such, we tend to group them with images of large-scale events filled with hundreds or thousands of guests looking for a quick photo-op with a celebrity or product. On a smaller scale, we see these ring light booths used in corporate settings to take group pictures of teams during company outings or charity events. It is rare that these ring-lit photo booths are pitched toward a single user, but that does not mean that these fixtures are not utilized by individuals on a daily basis. With innovative new markets emerging focused on online learning, content creation, and social media engagement, it is vital that anyone who spends hours a day in front of a camera interacting with an audience is seen in the best light possible. Displays2go offers a number of different illuminated photo booth options to suit your needs, from wall mounted units, to floor standing stations, and complete booth bundles, we are ready to capture you in the best light. Add a ring lit photo booth to your arsenal of tools to expand your business' audience or create high-quality video content.

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