Full, Half, and Quarter Vision Display Cases - What's the Difference?

full, quarter, half, and 3/4 vision display cases

Posted on 31, October, 2018

Last Modified on 25, August, 2023

There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing a display case. Most are self explanatory — lighting options, locks, swing or slide open doors, etc. — but a crucial design factor often goes under-explained: vision. You may have seen the terms full vision and half vision before without any clear indication of what they might mean.

Put simply, display case vision lets you know how much of the case interior can be used to display items.

Here are some examples to give you a better idea (click for a full explanation):

Full Vision
Full vision display cases have an interior that is completely visible. The total inside area can be used to showcase items.

Three-Quarter Vision
Three-quarter vision display cases have a visible display area that is roughly three-quarters of their total inside area. They may or may not use the remaining area for storage.

Half Vision
Half vision display cases have a display area that is about half of their total interior. The other half is typically a storage area not visible to passersby.

Quarter Vision
Quarter vision display cases have only about a quarter of their interior visible. The majority of the inside area is generally used for storage that is not visible to passersby.

It’s intuitive once you know what “vision” is referencing, and knowing that, it should be easy to identify the type of display case you’re looking at once you see it. With that, let’s go into a bit more detail on each style.

Full Vision Display Cases

full vision display case

With their entire interior dedicated to featuring merchandise, full vision display cases maximize the number of electronics, jewelry, collectibles, etc. that can be put in front of customers. With tempered glass panels that stretch from the base to the top, merchandise display is the top priority. These showcases typically have clear sides to allow even greater visibility and may either have a clear rear door (for 360-degree viewing) or an opaque/reflective door for employee access only. Frameless displays take this a step further, removing even the metal corners in favor of total transparency.

Great for: Electronics, trophies, art pieces

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Three-Quarter Vision Display Cases

three quarter vision display case

Sharing many similarities with full vision cases, three-quarter vision display cases dedicate almost all their space to merchandise display, but with a small non-display area, typically at the bottom. You might see swing-open cabinet doors or a sliding door with a lock that indicates a storage space, but it’s not uncommon for the bottom to be solid or inaccessible.

Great for: Accessories, collectibles, small antiques

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Half Vision Display Cases

half vision display case

Half vision display cases split their display and non-display areas evenly. The idea is to raise the merchandise off the floor and bring it closer to the customers’ eyeline so they can get a better look without having to crouch down. The non-display area is most often used for storage (cleaning supplies or extra stock are a great choice here), but sometimes may just be unusable space.

Great for: Eyewear, jewelry, handheld devices and tools

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Quarter Vision Display Cases

quarter vision display case

A style that truly makes a statement, quarter vision display cases dedicate only a small percentage of their overall area to displaying merchandise. This doesn’t mean that out-of-the-way storage is the primary concern—rather, the small display area serves to highlight just a few items and elevate their importance. By creating such a contrast, high-value merchandise is made to look exclusive, more valuable, and more worthy of individual attention.

Great for: Rings, necklaces, earrings, cufflinks

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No matter what display case style you choose, your merchandise should be the star of the show. Consider what you have to show your customers and how you want to present it to them, then look at our full selection of display cases and choose the one that best fits your needs and your store's design.

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