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Rolling TV Stands for Trade Shows

Why is a rolling TV stand with wheels such a great business tool? At Displays2go, you'll find a number of different monitor displays available for purchase, each suited for different purposes. These television racks feature VESA mounting brackets to ensure almost all LCD TVs up to 60” can be attached to the displays without a problem. A TV stand with wheels is perfect for different locations, including hospitals, trade shows, offices, store fronts, and even schools where you need an extra element of function and portability. Rolling TV stands are a great way to communicate with students, patients, and patrons alike and allow for easy movement and transportation between environments. Using a multimedia presentation is sure to leave a deeper impression on potential clients versus a standard, static image! For these reasons, and the increased mobility with TV stands with wheels, our customers are choose rolling TV stands for all their business applications!

Some of these TV stands with wheels have been designed to be used as a mobile workspace. Units feature shelves of varying sizes for users to easily prepare presentations, perform work tasks, or effectively present and engage an audience. Rolling TV stands and other LCD stands that include casters can be moved to different locations with ease. Mobile workstation displays are becoming more prevalent in many locations, as the move to flat panel monitors is making it easier to create mobile units. These LCD stands are perfect for use at trade shows and conventions, where employees can greet and inform visitors directly from the unit while being able to easily transport their presentations. As an all-in-one kit, the displays offer the best of both worlds as a completely functional and mobile unit.

Where are these 60" rolling flat screen TV stands typically used?
  • Hospitals can use the LCD Stands for placing medical equipment, with a television to display information.
  • Offices can use rolling TV stands to assist in giving presentations during meetings.
  • Businesses can use a mobile TV stand at trade shows to create interactive presentations!
  • Universities can use rolling TV stands to effectively present to classrooms and auditoriums and enhance student engagement
Are these 60" wide screen TV displays shipped assembled?
  • To provide lower shipping costs, these LCD stands ship unassembled.
  • Instructions, and in many cases tools, are included with the displays to make set-up fast and simple
  • These LCD stands can usually be put together in under 10 minutes with only one person required

The mobile stand ships unassembled to maintain lower shipping costs, even on dual mount TV units!These units each have mounting brackets that follow VESA standards. Agreed upon between manufacturers of both TVs and mounts, VESA brackets refer to the configuration on the back of your flat panel television. The spaces between mounting holes are measured in millimeters, and need to be within the range provided by each television stand on this page. The screws used to mount the monitor through the brackets are also common. Each of these monitor displays comes with a set of screws, spacers, and washers to fit different sizes of televisions. Some televisions may need specific screw sizes, which can be purchased at any local hardware store.

Many of these rolling TV stands are constructed with anodized aluminum. These displays have a satin silver finish to blend in with any location easily. The bases have sets of wheels included that can be attached to the bottom of the display if desired. These wheels are locking, helping to stabilize the display once set in place. By using durable aluminum, a 60" LED TV stand is able to be used in highly trafficked areas with little worry of breakage. The poles that hold up your television include plastic strips that go along channels in the back of each unit. These strips can provide some cable management, and help to keep wires going to and from the television out of sight. The LCD fixtures has numerous configurations, including dual mounting units, available.  Many

Some of the mobile plasma monitor stands with wheels have a single pole design that has a VESA 200mm x 200mm bracket. This style of unit has a standard mount and tilting bracket available. Utilizing the tilting version will allow you to angle your monitor down, providing a better view. Whether using the standard mount of the tilting bracket, a safety clamp is included to help keep the VESA 200mm x 200mm bracket on the display. This plasma rack is rated for hold a 32" through 42" television that weighs up to 70 lbs. If unsure of the weight of your television or the VESA configuration, please check the owner's manual or contact the manufacturer.

These TV stands include an optional laptop drawer on some products. This laptop drawer is attached to the base of the display, and has (2) combination locks; one on either side of the drawer. Place a laptop in this drawer in order to run the presentation being displayed on the flat panel screen! Each of the displays that can utilize a laptop drawer also has a kidney bean shaped counter, perfect for the placement of a laptop, objects, or informational materials. Additionally, the counter can be used as a workstation itself, especially at trade shows or commercial events. The large surface area of the shelf, combined with the inviting kidney shape, even allows visitors to experience your company's merchandise first hand if providing a demo!

An adjustable stand with wheels that features both small and large shelf options is one of the most popular racks offered. This mobile display has a black powder coat finish that adds style to any décor. As far as workstations go, the shelving options are great for any number of uses. Hospitals can place heart rate monitors, EKG machines, or other devices on the shelf, while using the screen to display vital information! Businesses participating in trade shows can use the different shelving options to place electronic peripherals that display the presentation on the screen. Objects as well as advertising materials can be placed on the shelves to help promote your business as well. These pedestals are fully adjustable, ranging in height from 44-1/2" to 81" by simply using the provided tools to raise and lower the mounting poles. The bases of these units feature locking wheels. Once wheeled into a desired location, these wheels help to stabilize the display.

Large transportable units for trade shows can be purchased as well. These dual-television units are completely collapsible, and pack into a case for travel. Two large counters are on either side can be used for many different applications. At trade shows, employees can give presentations from these counters, as well as use them to input interested customers' information. The portable television fixture can have a large 8' x 8' custom graphic along the back of the truss unit. The case that holds the unit also comes with a counter and a fabric wrap to turn the case into a greeting station. Monitors can be displayed in either landscape or portrait orientation, as the mounting brackets are dual-purpose. This flat panel display creates a trade show booth that will help set your company apart from the competition.

Aside from these workstation monitor racks, many other great styles of tall displays are available through this online catalog . Choose from many dual mount displays, including some that are available nude or with an MDF shelf and travel case. The entire line of LCD display fixtures has both black residential and commercial styles. Other trade show style units can be used at different locations to create a unique exhibit from competitors. Purchase a tall plasma rack that holds (2) televisions to really make an impression on attendees!

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