iPad Stands with Custom Graphics Combine Vibrant Signage with Digital Engagement

iPad Stand Sign Holders Share Digital Content and Eye-Catching Signage to Create Powerful Promotional Tools

iPad stands with custom graphics and double sided printing

Are you looking for an information hub that can help your customers find what they need at the touch of a finger and capture their attention from across the room? We offer a range of iPad stands with custom graphics that fit a wide array of tablet models and sizes and come with beautifully printed posters and banners that feature your unique designs. Use these floor stands as self-service information kiosks where guests can read and review what your company has to offer and learn more about you or your products. Alternatively, have an employee check in event guests or answer questions in museums and galleries with the added convenience of a tablet. With the help of our design team, you can create and upload personalized layouts, logos, and product imagery for these free standing iPad stands with custom graphics to better engage with your prospective customers. While tablet holders are an excellent marketing tool, exhibiting retailers and trade show vendors can find themselves getting lost in the crowd. Explore these options with posters and banners for a complete solution that puts your business a cut above the competition. Display marketing content front-and-center to get noticed in crowded venues and utilize interactive media to engage with your customers.

How are tablet floor holders with print signage best used?
  • Locking enclosure iPad stands with custom graphics provide a centralized hub in any customer-facing environment for guests to locate product information, event news, or review service catalogs without the need to call for assistance.
  • Many businesses use tablet stands to assist employees in reception areas, art galleries, or hotel lobbies. Museum curators make use of slideshows or the range of supplementary information available at their fingertips when showing an exhibit, reassured that they can easily research an answer to any question a guest may have about the artist, history, or piece.
  • Trade show exhibitors use tablet kiosks with banners to share product information during busy events where they may have to divide their attention. In most cases, product advertisement videos or slideshows are played on a loop to maintain customer interest until an employee can answer any questions directly. Bright and vibrant signage can be the key to guiding them to your information hub in the first place.

Many stores are setting up stands as visual catalogs. Instead of searching through shelves or clothing racks, customers can browse through a digital gallery of products. Expensive items like TVs or speakers have a lot of technical information that customers may be curious about and need time to review. These tablet holders can signal to them that they have a place to view product information at their own pace without an employee hovering about. Companies should use every opportunity to engage with all their customers, which means planning for accessibility. Displays2go offers an array of ADA-compliant iPad holders to help your business create a space where everyone feels welcome.

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