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Custom Printed Whiteboards - Personalize With the Artwork of Your Choice

Customized Dry-Erase Boards for Workspaces, Homes, and Commercial Environments

Looking for a multi-faceted writing board for your office, classroom, hospital, or conference room? Custom printed whiteboards give you the freedom to design whatever you want — essentially a blank slate! Customers choose the graphics to go on their slate, giving them the ability to create something personal. These interactive boards are constructed from sturdy acrylic and finished with a special coating that allows the use of dry-erase markers. Custom printed whiteboards are great in a variety of settings and the applications they can be used for are endless. Choose from small and large models. 24” x 18”, 24” x 36”, 36” x 48”, and 48” x 72” printed whiteboards are available. The variety of sizes makes it easy to find the right model for your business and for the application you’re looking for.

Where can you find customized dry-erase boards?
  • Corporate Environments: Custom printed whiteboards are great for businesses to brainstorm ideas, schedule meetings, consolidate workflow, and complete tasks. Create a Kanban board design with “things to do”, “doing”, and “done” to keep yourself organized.
  • Schools: Teachers can design “in/out” charts to monitor students’ activity or print photos of maps and have an interactive learning session. Music professionals can print staff boards to help teach lessons. Countless possibilities!
  • Homes: Print calendar grids to keep your house organized, create “to-do” lists for chores and errands, and even create feeding charts for newborns. Life gets hectic, there’s always room to improve the flow and organization of your home.
  • Hospitals: In the medical field, these boards can be used to acquire patient information, monitor their care, and help doctor’s keep track of their clientele/their procedures. In doctors’ offices, it’s imperative that there’s an organizational flow. Customized dry-erase boards help make this easy!
  • Commercial Settings: Places like recreation centers, gyms, and restaurants can benefit from these personalized boards by creating calendars and “to-do” lists. Track employees in/out times, upcoming events, and more!

The beauty of personalized dry-erase boards is the “blank canvas” it provides the user to design their finished product. Whether it’s something more conventional like a calendar grid or something more personal to your business, Displays2go will bring your ideas to life. Send us your artwork and we’ll take care of the rest. If you’re looking for other types of whiteboard options, we have dry-erase floor standing easels with magnetic surfaces, as well as tempered glass dry-erase boards. Shop online at Displays2go to take advantage of quick shipping and low prices!

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