Branded Promotional Tech, Giveaways, and Awards Feature Your Corporate Logo

Personalized Tech Gifts, Branded Carriers, and Awards Make the Best Promotional Items for Brand Awareness

Need some cool and unique gadgets to give away at the next show? Our branded promotional items go well beyond the typical pen or keychain. These tech-savvy, outside-the-box selections should be on everybody's wish list and include a selection of give-away items that are used by many customers daily — a perfect way to increase brand awareness and loyalty. Similarly, it is vital to show your employees that you value their service, so why not present your most productive workers with an award to thank them for their efforts? For truly special occasions, show employees or longtime customers your appreciation with a few bottles of wine or champagne, and send them off with a personalized cardboard carrier to get their gifts home safely. Your corporate identity emblazoned on each item offers high-visibility branding. What's more, all trophies come individually boxed which makes them easy (and ideal) for gifting!

How can these logo-printed products be used?
  • Using branded promotional items as trade show giveaways is one of the most popular applications. Networking with other professionals, getting leads, and securing orders all center around spreading your brand. From conversation starters to sterling giveaways, offering your clientele a gift draws prospects in and guarantees more.
  • At the corporate level, employee appreciation is high on the list for gift-giving. Whether it's for outstanding achievement, exceptional customer service, or distinguished retirement, these giveaways act as a memento and goodwill gesture from the company. Combining a little generosity with highly prized products makes for an unbeatable combination in the eyes of your employees.
  • Swag bags distributed at a company-sponsored event are another prime example of giving away tech-themed gadgets. Hosting a party, wedding, or bridal shower? Offer your guests unique personalized favors to commemorate the event in a memorable fashion!
  • Presenting bottles of fine wine or top-shelf liquor in recognition for a long term of service or in celebration of continued partnership is a popular way to memorialize an important event. Don’t miss this crucial branding opportunity — send them home with a custom printed cardboard bottle carrier that bears your company marks. For wineries and distilleries, this is also a great way to distribute samples or giveaways to drum up more business and build relationships.
  • Offer your valued employees service awards that feature your company logo to thank them for their loyalty and hard work. Include details of their job title, years at the company, and name so that they can proudly display a crystal trophy at home or in the office. Thanking employees with physical rewards is a fantastic way to boost company morale and bolster work ethic, increasing productivity.
What kinds of custom printed tech giveaways do we have to offer?
  • Most tech-centered promotional items invariably cater to cell phones. Our portable power banks store power and charge many different devices. All models come with custom logo printing (each individually packed in unmarked boxes). Standard power banks feature plastic housings, but high-capacity models boast sleek aluminum cases. Connect your phone or tablet via the USB-A, Micro-USB, or Type-C USB cables.
  • Portable Bluetooth speakers offer beautiful, crisp sound in a tiny footprint. Play music from your device up to 10 meters away. A bonus is the wireless charging feature. Simply place your phone on top of the speaker to play music and charge simultaneously (requires Qi capability on your device.) The top of the speaker is also where your custom printed company logo will be applied.
  • Wireless earbuds are a welcome gift that's small enough to accompany you everywhere. They come in custom printed charge cases and boast a Bluetooth operating range of 10 meters. Hands-free controls include pause/play and previous/next song. A single charge will last three to five hours, depending on the model.

Promotional products fall into two groups. There are items used for a short time and typically tossed after a spell, and there are more influential offerings that are kept for the duration because they're beneficial. While both have their applications, this second group aims to deliver promos that will be useful to recipients in the long term. If battery charging happens to be at the top of your list, we also sell larger countertop device chargers. Desktop docks and stations come in decorative planters with simulated succulents for a novel and inviting way to boost!

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