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Gridwall Lights Illuminate Merchandise with Low-Heat LEDs

Gridwall Spotlights Offer Excellent Adjustability for Accurate Highlighting

White gridwall light attached to a steel grid display panel

Grid wall is one of the best store fixture systems for showcasing lots of items efficiently. However, what add-on accessory helps to highlight your merchandise? Gridwall lights offer an easy and flexible way to point accent lighting where you need it. Thanks to the regular spacing of the steel wire panels, these spotlights can be attached anywhere illumination is called for. Our gridwall lights also come with extra long power cords (9 feet) to accommodate virtually any setup. These add-ons are available in black or white to match the grid panel system you are using. If your merchandise needs illumination, LED gridwall lights are the low-cost, low-heat solution!

What are the best features of these convenient spotlights?
  • Unlike halogen, these gridwall lights use LED illumination. While super bright, halogen bulbs burned very hot and were not efficient electricity-wise. With LEDs, you don't get the heat nor the large electrical bill!
  • Each light features an adjustable arm that can extend from 20" to 30" inches. In addition, the spotlight head swivels to any angle, affording pinpoint lighting accuracy.
  • The lights are manufactured in steel with a glass lens, no plastic here!. You can rest assured your investment with last for years of service.

There are many types of gridwall systems out there. From heavy-duty steel retail fixtures to lightweight wire-frame panels used for portable shows, both systems can accommodate these spotlights. Highlight art and photography, or give prominence to the items you're featuring at a trade show. Anytime you can add illumination to a display or setup helps create a more professional presentation. Be sure to see all our accessories designed for grid wall enhancement, including hanging hooks, trays, and baskets!

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