Acrylic Shield Polishing Kits for Non-Scratch Surface Cleaning

Acrylic Cleaning Solution Kits are Great for Polishing Divider Shields

Are you looking for a non-abrasive way to sanitize clear plastic surfaces in high-traffic environments? Our acrylic shield polishing kits keep softer surfaces like polycarbonate splash guards looking lustrous without the risk of damage, as well as other surfaces such as glass or stone countertops. These multipurpose cleaners are ideal for maintaining CD/DVD, motorcycle windshields, boats, airplanes, aquariums and all Lexan surfaces. Our NOVUS acrylic shield polishing kits are available as individual 8oz or 64oz bottles or included with a bundle. We offer microfiber cloths as well, ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces without abrasion. Help your employees maintain a safe, sanitary working environment, especially during peak cold and flu seasons where fixtures such as splash guards, plastic dividers, and mats are used in nearly every customer-facing environment. Acrylic shield polishing kits will keep your surfaces looking as new as the day you took them out of the box.

Which industries utilize our plastic cleaning solutions most often?
  • Bars and restaurants take advantage of acrylic shield polishing kits to sanitize bar counter or table dividers during high-risk periods. Wash physical menus, touch screens, and business tablets as often as possible — between shifts or parties to maintain a safe environment and adhere to public health regulations.
  • Customer-facing clerks working in retail environments, such as bank tellers or cashiers, sometimes use acrylic splash shields and sneeze guards to provide ample space between themselves and their customers. These acrylic shield polishing kits provide them with the tools necessary to remove fingerprints, particle droplets, or other contaminants from the plastic surfaces. This not only maintains clarity for your employee to see through but presents well to each new customer.
  • Business offices need reliable digital screen cleaners for janitorial purposes. Most corporate buildings utilize dozens, if not hundreds of display monitors which must be maintained on a regular basis. Use these acrylic polishing kits to gently clean any surface of dust, specs, or any other unsightly debris.

Whether you operate a small family-owned business, manage a franchise, or run a corporation, your staff needs a safe way to clean and sanitize the surfaces they work on. Daily cleaning leads to a healthy working environment, improved employee retention, and the peace of mind that your customers and staff are at limited risk of spreading contaminants between one another. Shield polishing kits are designed to be gentle on soft polycarbonate and Lexan surfaces, avoiding any scratches or damage. Displays2go is dedicated to helping your business achieve a safe, sanitary work environment where your personal protective equipment and digital screens are maintained with top-quality cleaning solutions.

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