Hanging Banners for Indoor or Outdoor Use

Large-Format Business Signs with Custom Printing for Events, Retail, and Restaurants

hanging banners for trade shows

Are you looking for signage to help you rise above the competition at trade shows, in your store window, or on the sales floor? Our hanging banners feature your custom printed artwork in full, vibrant colors to deliver eye-catching and effective messaging. Signage draped across the front of a trade show booth counter or even at eye level can get lost in tight spaces where there’s a lot going on. Custom vinyl hanging banners are hard to miss, even in visually-crowded environments, meaning your advertisements and marketing materials are able to make the maximum impact. Plenty of styles are well suited to indoor use, utilizing beams or drop ceiling tiles as anchor points, while others are made to withstand the elements and hang outdoors on fences or across the face of buildings to draw in more customers from the sidewalk. Select from a wide range of common sizes in landscape or portrait orientations, or choose our dynamic option to specify custom dimensions to suit your exact vision. Whether you’re planning a grand opening for your store, a marketing display for new products, or raising awareness for a charity event, our hanging banners with custom printing are sure to draw the kind of attention your business is looking for.

What options are available when selecting signage for my business?
  • Indoor or Outdoor — Knowing where you plan to place your hanging banner is the first step in choosing the right one. Options that are made to be used inside your restaurant, in a store window display, or inside the halls of a trade show are made from a lightweight material that offers a low profile presentation. These are great for directing customers within your space or calling out new sales and specials once they’re already inside. This type of hanging signage is secured with chain or nylon line kits or with a snap-open rail. Outdoor banners are better suited to advertising special events and capturing the attention of the general public; they are made from stronger vinyl with reinforced edges and brass grommets that are meant to hold up to consistent weathering. This type of signage goes across the face of buildings, high up over the sidewalk between posts, or onto chain link fences with nylon rope or zip ties.
  • Single or Double-Sided — If you plan to place your signage against a wall or somewhere no one will be able to view the back, a single-sided banner is the way to go. In areas like trade shows or on the sales floor, signage that can be viewed from either direction ensures that your messaging will be delivered to everyone that walks through.
  • Landscape or Portrait Orientation — While this is highly dependent on your artwork, choosing one over the other may come down to your space and its layout. You always want to prioritize maximum visibility for a banner, so in a store with a high ceiling and a lot of tight walkways, a portrait-oriented sign can make a huge impact. Consider the visual aesthetic of your space, identify your customers’ natural sightlines while browsing, and choose an orientation that will be both unobstructed and naturally draw the eye to get the most bang for your buck.

This kind of hanging signage is a must-have not only for retail locations and restaurants, but trade shows. Whether you're attending as an exhibitor or you're responsible for putting on the whole event, large, vibrant printed graphics are crucial tools to reinforce branding, guide exhibitors and attendees, and most importantly, draw more potential clients to your booth. Building the perfect trade show space for your business takes a lot time and consideration, which is why we offer customizable exhibitor booth displays and tools to create an engaging experience for visitors and showcase what your company is all about. Shop all the necessities, from backdrops to tables to all the furnishings you need to design a welcoming space, only at Displays2go.

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