Tabletop Exhibit Displays for Portable Presentations

double-sided folding display boards

Tabletop Display Boards and Graphics Make a Big Impression at Business Events

Which trade show accessories are most responsible for customer interaction? Tabletop exhibit displays work in the trenches when it comes to business advertising. Salespeople use these visual tools to explain and show who they are and what they can offer. Forget the large perimeter booth structures offering free trinkets and candy; tabletop exhibit displays bridge the gap between attendee and exhibitor where it matters most. This interactive face-time with potential customers is pursued by every business at trade shows, job fairs, and other public events. We encourage you to try one of these tabletop exhibit displays at the next show. With the right tools in your arsenal, selling your services to people not only professionally but persuasively can make a huge difference in how they perceive your company.

These portable presentation accessories are designed to sit on tables or counters. Boasting a large selection of folding display boards, custom-print panels, and signage, their ease of setup is one of their strong points. Large enough to offer eye-catching graphics but small enough to carry in a bag or briefcase, these portable advertising fixtures offer excellent value for the money. We pride ourselves on selling top-quality trade show displays at the best price for our customers.

Girl carrying a portable trade show display in a bag What kinds of tabletop exhibit displays do we offer?
  • Folding presentation boards come in 3 and 4-panel models ranging from 44" to 96" widths. With an overall appearance just like the cardboard versions used for school projects, the similarities end there. These are quality display boards featuring fabric-covered panels inside sturdy plastic frames. Panels are hinged together for better durability and set up in seconds. The double-sided designs come with different colored fabric on each side, with some models featuring white dry erase surfaces. Optional lluminating spotlights and custom headers further enhance the presentation with maximum visual impact. If needed, acrylic sign and brochure holders are sold separately that attach to the fabric using velcro strips.
  • Single panel graphics displays feature custom-printed stretch fabric on either straight or curved frames. While some of these appear quite large, they are designed to fit on any standard 8 foot long table. The tension fabric stretches over the aluminum framing, providing a smooth and seamless presentation. Some styles come with halogen or LED spotlights and the lightweight frames knockdown into convenient carrying bags.
  • Modular 3D pop-up displays offer an exciting and dynamic way to advertise. Consisting of a collapsible aluminum frame with anywhere from six to twelve stretch fabric geometric shapes fully printed with custom graphics and messaging, the beauty of these multi-panel fixtures rests in their flexibility, literally. The simple design offers the freedom to attach the stretch fabric in front, at the back, or anywhere in-between for an arresting presentation. The printed tension cloth is outfitted with reinforced slits that hook onto the corner buttons of the panels, allowing the modular fixtures to feature any arrangement of graphics, messaging, brand logos, or advertisements. Exploit the three-dimensional aspects to create eye-popping, call-to-action displays or visuals.
  • Small banner stands offer yet another way to showcase custom printed graphics on your tabletop display. As a miniature version of the standard floor-standing variety, these work exactly like the retractable models that store your banner inside the base. All you have to do is lift out the banner like a window shade and hook it onto the support pole. The beauty of these little stands is in the retracting mechanism, which not only stores your graphic during travel but also protects it from damage. We offer three different sizes: 8" x 11", 11" x 16", and 24" x 40".

With all this discussion about tabletop exhibiting, we would be remiss if we did not mention the fixtures necessary to display them. Portable trade show event tables play an integral role within the booth environment. Our large collection is stocked with standard folding styles like the ones seen supporting all these table displays. Also available are round high-top models designed for tall stools or stand-up face-time with exhibitors. Some feature height adjustable poles and locking enclosures for electronic tablets, a customer favorite.

Since most trade show exhibitors choose the rectangular table format, some form of decorative covering is definitely called for. Shop for table covers and skirting designed to drape and/or cover tabletops and legs with traditional polyester cloth or more contemporary stretch fabric. Standard trade show colors, like white, black, royal blue, and bright red are available plain or with custom imprinted logos or graphics. This is an area that can only add to your booth's overall presentation, displaying corporate images or text-only slogans. Another option is to go with pleated skirting which adds a different type of decor to your booth, sold in individual skirts or combined with table toppers for a more finished look.

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