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Displays2go Greenprint Event Supplies and Furniture - Eco Friendly Trade Show Displays

Make your exhibit planning eco-friendly and sustainable with our selection of greenprint trade show displays! Our line of exhibit booths, backdrops, tables, donation boxes, and custom displays are not only made from recycled materials, but are also recyclable and reusable for years to come. Ditch the disposables and save the planet while staying within your budget. Our selection of trade show and exhibit supplies are generally easy to set up and can include custom branding using dye sublimation and water-based inks. By choosing these eco-friendly trade show products, you’re doing your part in paving the way to a more sustainable future.

  • Greenprint products contain 50% or more recycled materials.
  • All products are recyclable after use - simply pop them in your curbside bin or an appropriate recycling center nearby.
  • Assembly is easy – minimal or no tools required – these displays can be assembled and disassembled quickly and reused when needed.
  • Modular design makes installation fast and simple as well as allows for more flexibility in reconfiguring components as desired.
  • At Displays2go we believe that a pollution-free planet starts with taking small steps towards bigger things now - choose greenprint trade show displays today! This collection of environmentally conscious solutions strikes the perfect balance between style, budget-friendliness, customer convenience, and sustainability so you can create a successful display while being conscious about your environmental impact.

    Learn more about our Greenprint badge and the making of sustainable displays at Displays2go.

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