3 Things to Consider When Buying Business Table Covers

Tips for purchasing business table covers for your event

Posted on 24, January, 2022

Last Modified on 18, March, 2022

If you are reading this guide you are probably at the preparation stage for an upcoming event, researching table displays for your next brand-building mission, or simply restocking your venue. In any case, becoming an educated shopper will give your business an advantage during the buying process and throughout care and maintenance. Table covers are available in many styles and sizes with important details to consider that can make the difference between a high-impact professional display and noticeable imperfections. In this guide, we consulted the experts at Displays2go to discuss three key considerations as you decipher business table cover options.

When It Comes to Table Covers, Size Matters

Before you start thinking about color, branding, or style, measuring the length of your table is the first step in the decision process. Typically, rectangle or square tables are available in 4, 6, 8, or 10-foot plus sizes, however, if your table is round or made in a custom size you will need additional measurements like diameter to determine the best size for your fabric. If you are unsure what size your table is, consult with the company you purchased your table from. If that is not an option, grab your tape measure and check the length of the longest side (rectangle) or any side (square).

Table Cover Measurement Tips from our Resident Table Cover Pro & Product Manager Paula Smith:

Round Covers:Measuring a round business table cover Measure across the top from side to side in the middle of the table to determine the diameter.

Stretch Covers: The same holds true for measuring the top of the table as above, however, you need to take into account the length to the feet of the table. Measure from the top of the table down to the feet to ensure that the cover drapes to the floor and under the feet. Fortunately, there is some give with stretch fabrics, and about an inch would be fine for fitting. Open back and closed back business table covers for eventsAnother decision to make is whether or not you would like an open or closed back custom business table cover. Open-back styles include a space for chairs to be placed underneath the table while closed-back styles fully cover the table at the same length on all sides. Whichever style you decide to choose will determine any additional measurements or design constraints to consider.
The key thing to make note of is to shop table covers with the placement of the feet of your table in mind so that the fit is snug but won't incur damage.

Convertible Covers: The same guidance for round covers can be used for this table cover type as well. However, this style allows for flexibility with your table size. Some styles can convert between common table sizes like 8' to 6' or 6' to 4'. When selecting the size of your fabric you will want to ensure you have the correct measurement for both of your tables to be able to take full advantage of this design.

Choosing Your Table Cover Style

Let’s talk table cover styles! You may be surprised to find out that you have more options than just the traditional commercial throw. Before you pick your style, consider the setup of your display. Here are a few key points to visualize:

  • Will it be important to quickly access products stored under your table or place chairs underneath?
  • Do you have different sizes of tables and need a cover that can work for both?
  • Are you aiming for a more modern display or classic?
Having an idea of what would work best for both functionality and branding is key to helping you to select the best style for your purpose.
Four Styles of Table Covers:

If you already have a business table cover and would like to add your branding, consider combining your plain table cover with a custom printed table runner. Table runners are cost-friendly solutions that can be used to show off your branding and create a focal point for your table display. By using table runners you can create multiple designs with dynamic messaging that can be printed on each runner and easily swapped out for a changing schedule of trade shows.

Time to Customize Your Cloth

Now that you have selected the style that will be the most effective for your business, the fun part begins! Choosing a color that will be a cohesive background for your logo and branding is the next step. Your base color should do a terrific job highlighting the elements included in your graphic and complement your brand colors.

Before you personalize your table cover, understanding the types of printing choices available is essential. If you are interested in a fairly simple design on a traditional table cover that only appears on the front of your cover, front imprinting will be a great option for you. Your graphics are printed on vinyl and then heat-transferred onto your cover for a smooth and clean finish. This method is quick, affordable, and fairly simple to set up. Personalized business table covers for events However, if you would like to add graphics to multiple areas or stretched across your table cover, using a designer tool to create and upload your full-color design is an effective and powerful way to take control of your own branding layout. Additionally, to simplify this process for you, custom business table covers are typically available with the base color and imprint color of your pre-selected graphic.

For example, if you would like a black table cover with a white imprint you can select that template option and upload your graphics. If you would prefer a stretch-fit cover with your graphic stretched across it, you could select a pre-created full-color printing template option for that as well.

Show Off Your Table Cover

By considering these three areas you should be able to successfully select your table cover, add your design and have it shipped to your door in time for the big event! After you have received it, check the guidance from the manufacturer on how to clean it to ensure its longevity. Some designs are machine washable and others may require more delicate handling. Before your event, create a trial run and set up your entire display to see how your table cover blends with all of your display elements and products to ensure you are feeling confident and empowered to wow your customers at your next trade show, craft fair, or conference!

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