Portable, Tabletop, and Integrated Digital Signage for Trade Shows and Events

Unique digital signage kiosk for events

Posted on 19, May, 2022

Last Modified on 21, February, 2023

When shopping for digital signage displays, we tend to focus on traditional standing kiosks or wide-format monitor styles, however, innovative models can provide a powerful advantage to your event display that may be overlooked. Solutions that offer portability, integrated shopping experiences, and compact space-saving tabletop designs can complete your digital storytelling, help you deliver a superior experience to your competition, and provide a high-yielding lead generation process.

Small but Mighty – Tabletop & Countertop Styles

In compact or shared event spaces having countertop and tabletop digital signage kiosks allow you to leave more room for customer navigation or space to display your products, banners, or other marketing materials. Digital no longer has to be clunky, immobile, or consume limited booth floor space. In addition, these kiosks can be used to display funnel-closing marketing content or recorded video product demos to keep your visitors occupied and engaged while you assist other clients. They can also facilitate lead generation and self-service check-ins or schedule demonstrations and one-on-ones. While compact, these displays are mighty, as they typically offer large screens to display content clearly for an efficient and seamless user experience. Similar to traditional digital kiosks they are typically Wifi enabled and include an Android OS to facilitate content uploads, connection to lead databases, and installation of useful applications.

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Heavy Digital Impact with Lightweight Designs - Portable Styles

Portable and lightweight digital sign Imagine this with us... you’ve packed up your heavy and stationary digital signage unit and taken it along with you to your convention, trade show, or conference. After a long day of speaking with visitors and marketing your product, the time has come to break down your booth and leave the show. Most of your displays are easy to put away but your traditional large format digital signage requires a lot of heavy lifting and multiple people to pack it away. Fortunately, portable digital signage displays were designed to make exhibitors' lives much easier. Say goodbye to being exhausted or needing an entire team to help you to get your kiosk into your car. These units allow you to take matters into your own hands with their lightweight designs. Pack and unpack your compact digital sign quickly and be on the move to your next event or trade show in no time. Collapsible and travel-friendly digital signage kiosks are meant to move alongside you without losing classic features like Android OS, built-in speakers, and Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. No more dreaming, we've made this a reality.

Enhance Merchandising Displays with Digital – Integrated Solutions

Digital is powerful on its own but when combined with merchandising or literature displays the impact on your business or event can be decidedly profound. Add a wow factor to your traditional retail or prototype display by featuring content including images or videos of your products in action to inspire your customers on the connected digital screen. Integrated digital signage will be sure to complement your overall booth setup while also providing a space to add dynamic marketing and elevate your visitor's viewing and shopping experience. Make your brand memorable by providing this innovative solution to enhance your trade show or event exhibition.

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Think Big. Think Bold. Think Digital Transformation

Hopefully the innovative styles of digital displays we’ve discussed here can provide you with a vision of how digital can be used at any event for a low cost of entry, even if space is limited. Non-conventional displays can be set up and moved around with ease to provide an interactive and engaging booth-visitation experience. Digital is meant to move your brand and business forward — we hope this guide empowers you to explore unique designs that are innovative, customer-centric, and compact along your digital transformation journey.

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