Outdoor Banners and Flags for Business and Event Advertising with Custom Printing

Custom Printed Marketing Displays for Outdoor Events, Businesses, and Trade Shows

Do you need to capture the attention of passersby? Whether for a farmer’s market, seasonal celebration, or retail store, these outdoor banners and flags are sure to draw more visitors. Advertise a current sale at your business, let event-goers know they’ve found the right place, or utilize your company branding to create a cohesive experience to stand out against your competition in exhibitor spaces. These custom printed outdoor banners and flags can be used to call attention to a specific product or promotion or showcase more general information like the name of your restaurant. Vibrant, full-color printing is invaluable for standing out in a crowd. Whether you need to make a splash at a packed trade show or simply make your storefront more visible, these exterior-rated outdoor banners and flags are up to the task. Each custom printed advertising display is designed to withstand wind and mild weather conditions, letting you promote sales or branding for many seasons to come. If you’re looking to draw in more foot traffic and get the word out about your business or event, these marketing fixtures are a classic, effective, and versatile option.

    What types of exterior-rated advertising stands and promotional displays are available?
  • Banner stands — No collection of outdoor banners and flags would be complete without these classic rectangular advertisements. Choose between fixtures with a weighted base for repositionable messaging that can be brought back inside at closing or permanent fixtures with pre-drilled feet that attach directly into concrete via heavy-duty bolts. While the frame may stay put, printed materials can easily be swapped out at the start of a new promotional material.
  • Rectangular Flags — These freestanding graphics have weighted bases so that they can be taken to and from farmer’s markets, fairs, and celebrations. With both 13 ft. and 17 ft. options available, these are some of the largest, most prominent messaging fixtures we offer. Sets with both stands and flags are available for first-time customers, as well as custom printed graphics only for those looking for a quick swap-out.
  • Feather and Teardrop Flags — These iconic fixtures are a common sight outside car dealerships, expos, and grand openings. Depending upon your needs, you can choose from several base styles. Perhaps the style seen most often, ground spikes offer temporary placement into semi-soft surfaces like dirt and grass, making them great for all-day use. Fillable water bases and car foot bases also offer versatility, the former using a positionable weight and the latter using extended forks that are rolled over and held in place by a heavy object, such as a car, truck, or trailer. Feather and teardrop flags tend to be on the taller side, between 11 and 17 feet, and as such, are great for packed spaces where carving out sightlines can be a challenge.
  • Pop Up Sideline Banners — if you’ve ever attended a golf tournament, or even watched one on TV, you’ve likely seen these highly-portable displays. Available in oval, rectangle, and a-frame configurations, these sideline graphics are most often used for brand recognition at sporting events and reinforcing sponsorship presence for on-site marketing opportunities. These lightweight custom printed polyester displays fold down flat and fit into carrying cases for unrivaled portability.

While these marketing fixtures are designed for outdoor use, they’re great for indoor as well, provided you have the headspace. Convention centers and exhibit spaces present an excellent opportunity, as it can sometimes be difficult to stand out from the crowd of other exhibitors. Without the restriction of low ceilings, towering 17 ft. custom graphics stand high above the crowd and signal to visitors that you are worth checking out. As part of a full visual marketing plan, work retractable banner stands for countertop placement into your layout. Offering the same customization as their taller floor standing counterparts, these roll up banners are designed to fit onto trade show booth tables, and are perfectly suited to relaying information about specific products and services or creating a clear visual branding opportunity.

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