Office Decor for Corporate and Work-From-Home Environments

Work from home office displays and furnishings

Decor for the Workplace Creates a Welcoming Space in any Office

Do you need to breathe some life into a dull work environment? Our office decor brings a human touch to corporate or work-from-home setups. We put so much effort into decorating our homes, why shouldn’t we pay equal attention to the other place we spend our time — the workplace? Office decor for walls is a great place to start since they’ll tend to be in your sightlines most often and can have a huge effect on how you view your space. Choose from stock acrylic prints and triptychs for public-facing environments where corporate art is often used to appeal to a broad audience. We also offer custom printed graphic panels so you can inject a little of your personality into your workspace. Functional office decor is great for those who don’t have a ton of room to spare. A faux planter or desk lamp is great, but what if it could also charge your phone? These decorative pieces help keep your batteries topped up and look great doing it.

What kinds of accessories and decorations do we offer?
  • Stock and custom printed wall art — Putting up prints, paintings, and graphics is usually the starting point for office decor since it tends to give the most bang for your buck. Many professionals prefer generic nature artwork as it doesn't displease anyone, send the wrong message, or clash with other items and decor. Modern second-surface acrylic prints feature high-resolution UV printing on the back of acrylic sheets, giving the images a glossy, contemporary appearance.
  • Faux plants — A little greenery can go a long way. If you don’t have the time or skill to care for real succulents or baby grass, some artificial ones are a great option. Plus, some of our planters even have USB hubs for powering up your devices while you work. Go beyond the traditional indoor-style artificial plants and put a lighted birch tree in your space. They’re great for the holiday season as well as year-round!
  • Decorative charging accessories — Keeping your batteries charged is crucial. However, most chargers just aren’t very nice to look at. We offer both stylish desk lamps with built-in wireless charging and faux planters with USB hubs to make your space a little nicer to look at without sacrificing function.
  • Terrariums and cases — Maybe you’ve already got all the decorative items and accessories you need. Why not bring them together into an organized and thoughtful showpiece? Our glass or acrylic cloches and display pyramids can tie together otherwise disparate decorations and unify them into a single scene. Many interior decorators use these to cover succulents and small plants, but they can work equally well for collectibles and other trinkets like geodes and candles.
  • Dry erase calendars and planners — Wall art is great, but sometimes you need to utilize all the space you’ve got for organizing your days, weeks, and months to come. Write-on clear acrylic calendars put your plans in plain view while adding a little style and sophistication in the process. The see-through material blends nicely with most environments and is reusable month after month.

Creating the perfect workspace takes a lot of planning and effort, but the results are worth it. Just being in a place you like to spend time can boost your creativity, productivity, and make the workday seem less like a chore. Surrounding yourself with decorations and items that make you feel good is just one part of the puzzle. Find the setup that’s right for you with workstations and desks that offer ergonomic options like height adjustment and sit-stand functionality. If you’re going to spend eight or more hours a day somewhere, it’s crucial that you do so in a place that supports your physical and mental health, whether it’s in a corporate building or in a work-from-home arrangement.

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