How to Create an Impact with Digital Advertising Fixtures

Create a Positive Impact with Digital Advertising Fixtures

Posted on 07, March, 2018

Last Modified on 01, March, 2023

In today’s retail climate, businesses need to use everything in their advertising arsenal to set themselves apart from the competition. Even the smallest details or extra steps taken can make a difference in successfully promoting your brand, your merchandise, or even engaging your employees. You need tools to help catch the attention of potential customers — and keep it. In an ever changing digital world, it’s essential to incorporate current digital fixtures that can enhance your retail presentation.

Pedestal tabletop digital advertising screen

Your goal is to make a positive impression, hopefully one good enough to turn passersby into potential customers. With the right tools, anything is possible, so choosing digital signage to enhance your business gives you a leg-up in the world of advertising. And don’t stress — It's easier to get yourself set up than you might think. In this article, we'll discuss how having a digital presence can positively impact your business and sell your retail merchandise. The time of all-things-digital is now, might as well climb aboard.

Choose the Right Tools

 Advertising with Digital Literature Holders

So, where do you start? Well, first and foremost, you’ll want to identify your advertising goals and what you’re looking to promote. Virtually any commonplace merchandising display can be purchased with digital signage integration. Try searching for, “Digital Literature Stand” or "Digital Store Shelves" to see different styles of products on Google. Chances are, if you have a need, there’s already a standalone solution. When it comes to implementing an effective marketing campaign, location becomes one of the most important factors in connecting with your audience. If we refer back to our Google search for a digital literature holder, we may have searched this product because our goal is to catch the customer's attention and hopefully encourage them to grab the material you have on display. Strategically placing advertising tools in areas throughout your retail store or at events can help make a difference when it comes to your products flying off the shelves. In addition to enticing customers to pick up your products, you’re now creating more points of contact which lead to more success in promoting the products and services of your business; and this can all be done with the right digital tools.

Branding is Everything

 Advertising with Digital Stand with Custom Printed PosterWhen it comes to promoting your company and spreading your message, having fixtures that catch the attention of potential customers and make your presence known is half the battle. Easily streamline advertising and marketing campaigns across retail locations. Imagine that you’re a franchise store owner and now have the opportunity to display digital signage across each location just by inserting a SD card into your fixture? With digital ad displays that can be a reality — and that's just scratching the surface. Use touch screen stands to showcase interactive menus, store promotions, seasonal sales, new collections, and more — after creating some simple touchscreen enabled content. Entice customers to buy your products with multimedia messaging — that’s more than just a message on a poster board. With digital promotions, users can incorporate so much more including slideshows, video, and vibrant messaging.

Stand Out from the Competition

 Advertising with Video WallsEveryone wants to be different, right? In the retail world, companies are constantly competing in the same market and selling similar, if not the same products. So, why is a customer going to choose your company over another? Adding digital features to enhance the advertising efforts of your business could be the catch. Take video walls for example. They’re powerful, quick change advertising tools designed to display menu items, flight information, new collections or just add a sophisticated element to your location. With high resolution, moving graphics, these displays create a much more lasting impact than regular poster displays. With digital advertising fixtures, you’re able to easily make focused and strategic marketing choices and decide how you get your message across to your audience.

Merchandising with Purpose

 Advertising and merchandising shelves in one Pack a punch when you stage your merchandise with a store shelving unit that includes built-in digital signage. Imagine being able to play the same, updated marketing content across your store locations by simply sending out a SD card to each franchisee. Adding digital signage to your merchandising display allows you to showcase new product collections or promotional info with crisp, high definition visuals while customers browse your store. Or, you can use the digital signage for ad space! Work with vendors to lease the digital space for their promotional videos.

Make an Impression & Don’t be Forgotten

With the help of digital advertising fixtures, you’ll be able to spread your brand message in ways that are multifaceted, like providing passersby with a digital charging station to power their device at at a trade show. The fast-paced lifestyle of today’s world leaves retailers with one choice, and that’s to get noticed! Don’t fight the concept of digital transformation. Embrace it. Making the change to choose dynamic, multimedia advertising displays is proven to elevate your revenue stream and hey… it won’t hurt to bring your location in to the 21st century.

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