The Many Types of Banners - And Where to Use Them

Posted on 14, June, 2019

Last Modified on 01, March, 2023

Banners are everywhere. You find them at trade shows, inside stores, outside restaurants, and at events. They come in many different shapes and sizes for a variety of placement options, and each have their own unique advantages. Which type of branding display should you use?


Advertising flags are a must-have display for any outdoor event or roadside business. These banners come in four distinct shapes: feather, teardrop, block, and 3" x 5". Feather flags, also known as swooper flags, get their name for their feather-like structure, which is curved at the top and hangs loose at the bottom. Teardrop flags take on the shape of an upside-down teardrop, which is curved at the top and pointed towards the bottom, where the flag attaches to the pole.

Pennants can be purchased with personalized branding for fundraising events and large functions. Alternatively, businesses can choose from a variety of pre-printed messages for realtors, restaurants, and small businesses. Pre-printed messages include common business phrases like "Open House," "Hot Coffee" or "Sale". Depending on the location, these banners come with a few mounting solutions: ground spikes for mounting on turf or grass, car foot for placing under tires for tailgates, and a water base for hard surfaces.


Retractable banners are some of the most common advertising solutions that you'll find in a variety of business settings, including trade shows, business entryways, and corporate offices. One of the reasons pop-up displays are so popular is that they are super easy to set up and break down. The vinyl sign comes fixed inside the base, and easily rolls up to hook at the top of a mounting pole. When you think of retractable banners, you usually picture a floorstanding model like the one on the left, but they also come in mini table top versions for trade show counters or reception desks.

While your full-color graphic is fixed inside the base, replacing the graphics is simple. The base of display varies by price point; some cheaper options feature a lightweight and narrow base while more expensive solutions come with a larger and sturdier base. Premium bases also fit edge-to-edge graphics, which allow you to create connectable backwalls. Some retractable stand manufacturers also vary the quality of printing materials based on price point, but Displays2go always uses premium 13 oz. Super Smooth White Blockout Vinyl. This high-quality vinyl is opaque, so light will not shine through the display. Usually, these displays are designed for indoor use only, but you can also find some approved for the outdoors.


While retractable stands are the best option for portability, non-retractable banners offer more flexibility. Tension banners often feature weighted bases for added stability in the wind, but also come in other styles for indoor use. You can find these displays with wheeled bases, 3-sided prisms, totems, or fixed onto another display like an iPad kiosk. A promotional banner stand ideal for marketing events where you want to maximize your branding opportunities.

Street Pole

Street pole or light pole banners are common branding solutions for town and cities, college campuses, festivals, and outdoor shopping malls. In urban environments like Los Angeles and New York, you can find these everywhere - practically every streetlight in a downtown area has one. They are often used to advertise local attractions like museums and theater productions, but can also serve as a more permanent way to brand locations like universities. To install a lamppost banner, you will need the proper hardware brackets. Aluminum brackets and screws tighten your rods to the pole and secure the fabric in the wind.


Vertical and horizontal vinyl signs are commonly used at department stores, either hanging from the ceiling or attached to walls with the included grommets. Hanging displays are perfect for advertising special offers, branding your location, or creating a colorful window display.

Another type of hanging banner is the ceiling banner, which is mostly seen at trade shows and features unique, eyecatching shapes like pinwheels and cylinders. These large indoor displays are printed in full color on stretch fabric, and they're easily spotted from far away, making any booth stand out.

Outdoor Pop-Up

Outdoor pop-up banners are made of a flexible mesh fabric, allowing them to expand in seconds and collapse easily to fit in a carrying bag. The material is weatherproof, which makes a-frame lawn signs ideal for outdoor advertising in moderate weather conditions. Pop-up banners are often seen on the sidelines at sporting events and tournaments, featuring logos from corporate sponsors.

Other Banner Types

Advertising banners are an incredibly versatile marketing solution. In addition to the styles listed above, you can find walking flags for backpacks, canopy tents with custom-printed walls, and large event backdrops.

Displays2go has all of these graphics available, and many can be custom-printed. Our design team is ready to help you create the perfect banner display for your business. To shop all of our options, click the button below.

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