Transparent LCD Displays

Transparent LCD Screen Displays for Retail & Trade Show Advertising

Transparent LCD Display Showcase

Transparent LCD displays are revolutionizing the way we showcase products. They’re one part product showcase, one part digital signage. Our SplashBox displays are incredibly special because they are equipped with innovative see-through screens that present motion graphics and video in striking detail. The magic behind all of it is SplashBox’s front LCD panel. This screen is beautifully engineered to display bold graphics while offering a crystal clear view of the products inside.

We’ve taken a common technology often seen in laptops, computers, watches, and even CD players, and given it a merchandising application uniquely its own. When an LCD screen and modern showcase are combined to create an all-in-one marketing tool, your high end product displays take on a life of their own. The full-color motion graphics splash across the LCD screen, allowing customers to watch and learn more about your merchandise, while still being able to actually view the product displayed within the case. Load up your transparent LCD display with all your branded content. Watch your newest marketing video translate perfectly to the see-through screen. Interactive displays like SplashBox promise unprecedented engagement with customers. They’re so unique that customers will remember your display long after they walk away.

Transparent LCD Screen for Video Displays

Transparent LCD Screen Possibilities:

Retail: These digital showcases are perfect for retailers. Use the boxes to display new cosmetics, fine jewelry, high end sunglasses, designer heels, athletic shoes, fine ballpoint pens, signed footballs, cutting edge knives, memorabilia, gold watches and much, much more. The only limit to SplashBox’s use is your creativity. Placing a product that requires special attention, advertising and security in a normal product showcase squanders potential sales and impact. With SplashBox, these products are given the powerful presentation they deserve. Place your transparent digital display in a high traffic location in your store, like a counter, display table, or on top of a pedestal case. These LCD screen boxes can serve as just one element of a well-designed merchandising display or product introduction.

Trade Show: Sometimes exhibiting at a trade show involves competing for attention among many similar businesses in your industry. Other times, it involves new product launches, presentations, and promotions. By using a transparent LCD display at your next trade show, you can showcase your products in a stylish way. SplashBox makes such an impact that passersby will be naturally drawn in to your exhibit booth to learn more. If you’re speaking with an attendee and unable to get to every visitor at your booth, your SplashBox can do some of the talking for you! Your motion graphics will play in a loop across the see-through front of the LCD showcase for a more interactive experience.

Technology: With cutting-edge technology, it can be hard to illustrate all of a device’s amazing features in one simple static image. Additionally, sometimes the force behind the newest Apple or Samsung smartphone is the hype. What better way to create a stir around a new product launch than with a SplashBox? Your tech will seem like the coolest and latest in the industry when displayed safely within the transparent LCD case and illuminated by the interior LED lights. On the front screen of the case, onlookers will see all the newest features of the phone played out in stunning detail on a motion graphic video! When your tech is some of the newest and most modern on the market, you need a merchandising display to match - that’s where our SplashBox comes in.

How Do These Transparent LCD Displays Work?

Transparent LCD Display Cases

Each of these products has an LCD (liquid crystal display) screen. The LCD front panel acts like an ultra thin TV screen with the ability to show moving pictures. Load supported video files with the included 4GB SD memory card or connect to a device using the USB port. Though the boxes do not have any internal memory, they will play multimedia content with ease from the small SD cards inserted into the back of the display. Once plugged in, your interactive advertisement loads instantly in just seconds. LED backlights within the case allow the motion graphics to be easily visible. With a 1280 x 720 resolution screen, your multimedia videos appear crisp and clear on your transparent display. Users must supply their own video files, however.

This technology allows customers to customize, update, and reinvent their advertisements at will and have them broadcast over the front of the screen. You can even set your video file as a split screen, allowing the graphics to play on one side while keeping the other side transparent so customers can easily view your product. Simultaneously, a customer can display a physical product through the transparent and almost projector-like, LCD front panel. Inside, LED lights illuminate the product by casting a modern glow through the box’s acrylic construction. The SplashBox is a fluid and ever-changing product that can be customized to suit any client’s needs!

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